Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wolfgang, Part Four

(Deepest apologies with the late update. Pesky real life interferes with a person's fun)

From the journal of Annechen Lowey

From the journal of Amarantis Belfire

The Tent Of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach

Fuzz entered the tent and found the Baron and his son sitting at a table, looking over several documents. Gilgamesh looked up and was about to scold the sheriff for entering without knocking, only to be stopped by his father clearing his throat. Fuzz walked up and looked over the Baron's shoulder, reading the document in hand. The Baron pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Seems things are running smooth in your homeworld." Fuzz noted.

"Yes." The Baron replied, "I will need to make the occasional trip there, to make sure things stay running smooth."

Fuzz nodded, "And to make sure you haven't been overthrown by one or more factions out to see the end of your rule."

The Baron sighed, then nodded

"The Chief's name," Fuzz said, "is Thunder Paw. Well, least that's his Lycan tribal name. For now, that's going to have to do."

Gilgamesh picked up a pencil and wrote the chief's name on a piece of paper. The Baron nodded.

"I see." The Baron said, "He will help young Wolfgang?"

Fuzz shrugged, "Hard to say. He is a proud man, and places the safety of his people above all else. Me being a born Lycan gives me some leverage with them, but not much. Like most natives, even the non-Lycans, they find it hard to trust the white man."

Gilgamesh looked at Fuzz, "And if they refuse to help us?"

"We leave." Fuzz replied, "And hope my cousin has returned to Steelhead. Then we can use his traveling cabinet to take Wolfgang to Moldavia and to my tribe. I let this go too long, Wolfgang needs to learn to control this."

"Worse case scenario, Herr Sheriff?" The Baron asked

Fuzz turned his head towards the entrance of the tent, then looked back at the Baron, "Wolfgang being unable to control the beast within will be a danger to those around him. Even a young Lycan can be extremely lethal."

Around The Campfire

Annechen sat next to her son at the campfire. Nearby, Veles, Maxim, and Greegar stood guard. Fuzz walked out of the tent and looked at the Jaegers.

"Veles," Fuzz said "you guys sit down at the fire, and don't look so menacing. We're past the Steelhead boundaries, and in someone else's territory."

Veles looked at his fellow Jaeger's then at Fuzz, "Hokay, Sheriff, if hyu say so. Hy'm chust gettink dis schtrange scent in de air, und it's onnervink."

Fuzz stopped in near Annechen and Wolfgang and then sniffed the air. He then put his hand on his holster, then motioned for the Jaeger's closer to the fire.

"Maxim" Fuzz said to the purple Jaeger, "you're with me."

The two then headed off into the darkness.

Deeper In The Forest

The corpse was found under some brush. Maxim had seen many horrors in the past, but the view of this corpse made him slightly ill.

"Zumone skinned dis person" he said

Fuzz nodded, then pointed at the side of the head, "Notice his ears are gone? Means he was shot and killed in Lycan form."

"Dey killed him und den skinned him? Oh ja, it's pretty obvious."

"When you die as a Lycan, sometimes, your corpse can revert back to human. Sad thing is, if you're skinned, your wolfskin remains. Werewolf hunters are notorious for taking pelts of Lycan's they've killed."

Hearing a noise, Maxim reached for his weapon, only to have Fuzz stop him from grabbing the handle.

"Hyu are fast, Herr Sheriff."

Fuzz turned to see the white wolf standing close by.

"Does de volf tink ve deed dis?" Maxim asked

Fuzz shook his head. The wolf stared at Fuzz, then turned and disappeared into the forest.

"Maxim," Fuzz said, "let's get everyone packed up and on the trail, and let's do this quickly."

On The Trail, Two And A Half Hours Later

Fuzz got off his horse and looked around the dark forest. He then looked at the others.

"Ok," he said, "here."

As the others dismounted, Annechen glared at the Sheriff.

"What?" he asked

"You said that you would keep no more secrets." she said


"Then tell me, what was back there that we had to leave suddenly?"

"Dead body." Fuzz replied. "Someone skinned him, too."

Annechen looked at Fuzz, wide eyed.

"We needed to get to the Tribe of the White Fang." Fuzz continued

"Then why have we stopped?" Gilgamesh asked, his voice showing a hint of aggravation "How much futher until we get to this tribe?"

Fuzz motioned around, "They're already here."

The Europans looked to see several Native Americans and Lycans standing around them. The Lycans eyes were glowing red. The Native's had their arrows pointing at the party.

"Ah, dis must be de velcomink komittee." Greegar said, smiling, "Do hyu tink dey hef schnacks?"

To Be Continued
(In which we'll see if the tribe decides to help Wolfgang. But, will the combined forces of the Jaeger's and the Lycans be enough to deal with the werewolf hunter in the forest?)