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Wolfgang, Part One

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach had ruled much of the country Europa for many years. A brilliant genius, known in his lands as a "Spark", living in a large airship known as "Castle Wulfenbach". Some say, he ruled his country with an iron fist. Many called him a tyrant. He prefered to study the nature of the Spark, rather to delve into politics.

As his side, were many advisors. His army consisted of creatures known as the Jaegerkin, or Jaeger. These were creatures that were once men, but given a special potion to turn them into the creatures. He has but only one son, Gilgamesh.

For many years, Herr Baron ruled the lands of Europa. Dealing with interlopers and adversaries wanting to overthrow his rule.

But there came a time that the Wulfenbach scientists created a device that could open doors between parallel worlds. The strongest of these doorways led to the world that consisted of the Independent State of Caledon, Steeltopia, the city-state of New Babbage, and Steelhead City, Oregon. Chosing Annechen Lowey, having a few other volunteer their services, and handpicking the right Jaeger's, Baron Wulfenbach set forth to this world and set up several consulates in different lands. Of all the advise that was given to the Baron before making this journey, one was made a priority by his advisors.

"Be careful of any contamination. Europa may not be able to handle things from this world if brought back to the Homelands."

The Baron and his consulate heeded the words of the advisors, and tried to remain careful of anything that Europans were not used to.

Then, there was the day that Annechen Lowey's son, Wolfgang, was attacked.....

From Annechen Lowey's Journal

Sheriff's Office, Steelhead City

"Chickens?" Fuzz asked

In front of his desk, Eugenia Burton nodded, "Missing. Three of them. The others look spooked."

Sister Alma walked up to the desk and smiled, "Any sign of foul play?"

"ALMA" Fuzz scolded the elderly nun, who merely shrugged and went about her business.

Eugenia hid a smile behind her hand, then looked at the Sheriff, "I know this sounds silly. Especially after all your recent adventures....."

Fuzz held up his hand, "Nonsense, after all those recent adventures, I'd love to look into the chicken theif case."

The Djinni smiled at the sheriff, "Thank you, Sheriff."

As Eugenia left the office, Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse and Fuzz's daughter, Anya, walked in. Fuzz gave a slight bow to Lady Christine, then smiled at Anya.

"Hi there." he said

Anya ran up and hugged Fuzz. Fuzz lifted her up and sat her on the desk.

"So, did you enjoy spending the afternoon with Lady Christine?" Fuzz asked

"Yes, Papa" Anya replied

"Did she teach you anything?"

Anya nodded

Fuzz smiled, "What did she teach you?"

Anya gave a big smile and replied, "You're her favorite sugar booger"

Fuzz's smile disappeared and he glared at Lady Christine, who smiled demurely. Fuzz looked back at Anya.

"There's some cheese in the top drawer, go feed Willard for me." he said

"Ok, Papa"

Fuzz walked over to Christine and shook his head.

"What?" she asked, "You are."

Fuzz smiled, "Thanks for watching her."

"You shouldn't worry about her. In Steelhead, she's safe."

"I don't worry about her." Fuzz replied

"OH?" Christine asked, "You haven't been looking out your window, staring at the Europan Consulate when the children are out playing?"

"Yes." Fuzz said


"If anyone was paying attention," Fuzz explained, "they'd notice I had been doing that for some time now, before Anya came to Steelhead."

Christine looked puzzled, "Why?"

Fuzz looked out the window and saw the Jaeger patrol walking out of the consulate, "I'll explain later. Have some business to attend to."

Fuzz took his hat off the hook on the wall then looked over at Sister Alma, "Alma, I'll be back in a minute. Keep an eye on Anya for me."

"Sure thing, Sheriff." the elderly nun replied

Fuzz walked out of the office, then walked back in, pointing a finger at Alma, "DON'T teach her anything until I get back."

Fuzz walked back out. Christine smiled at Anya, then left as well. Anya gave Willard a piece of cheese, then looked at Alma.

"Sugar Booger" she said, smiling.

Alma chuckled.

Outside the Europan Consulate

Fuzz leaned against the post, speaking with the Jaeger captain, Veles Munster. Despite his strange accent, Fuzz was able to understand the captain clearly.

"He hes been schleepvalkink, a lot. Ve do not know vere he goes. It hesn' affected his schtudies, accordink to Frau Lowey." Veles explained

"Every night?" Fuzz asked

Veles shook his head, "Frau Lowey hes hallowed him to go on patrol vith zum uf us, especially Sargeant Hellershenks. He seems heppy in de forest."

Fuzz nodded. "This.....could be nothing. I mean, since the attack, Annechen has kept me up to date on some of these things. the same time, I think she's protecting him."

Veles nodded, "Ja, Hy try to ask her qvestions. But, scared uf beink hit vith de schtick. Hy vill try und keep hyu informed."

Fuzz chuckled, "Fine, Veles. Speaking of patrols. You've kept your word, haven't you? None of you have gone past the large oak tree?"

Veles nodded, "But vy? Vat iz so schpecial about dat place?"

"A promise that was made." Fuzz explained, "Official Steelhead Business."

Veles nodded. Fuzz turned to find Wolfgang Muircastle standing close by. Fuzz smiled.

"Hello, Wolfgang." Fuzz said

Wolfgang's response was a wave.

Fuzz walked closer to Wolfgang, "I want to thank you for helping Anya settle in. Very commendable of you. I'm sure most kids your age wouldn't want to waste time helping a girl of six. You're....what? Thirteen?"

"Yes sir." Wolfgang replied

Fuzz nodded, deep in thought, "I see."

He then quickly snapped out of thought.

"By the way, what food do they serve here? Anya seems to like the lunch she had today."

"I don't know what was served, today." Wolfgang replied, "I...I wasn't very hungry."

Annechen walked up to Wolfgang and put her hand on her son's shoulder, "Wolfgang, time for your studies."

"Yes, Mother." Wolfgang gave a slight bow to Fuzz, "Good day, Sheriff."

Wolfgang walked off. Annechen turned towards Fuzz, "There have been no signs of him changing. Do you think that maybe, perhaps, it wasn't.....I mean, he could remain normal....I don't mean that....."

"Sleepwalking." Fuzz said, "I wish I knew what happened to the wolf that attacked him that day. But, that's water under the bridge. All we can do now is wait. If you don't mind my asking, what would happen to Wolfgang IF he does show change and he's not able to control it?"

Annechen looked towards the Consulate, then back at the Sheriff, "He would probably have to remain here in this realm. Never to return to Europa. If.....he does return with us. He would probably be banished to the place we refer to as The Wastelands."

"Then," Fuzz said, "if the change happens, mother instincts and Europan diplomatic fuddy duddy will be of no use. You'll need to listen and trust me."

"You can teach him to control it?" Annechen asked

There was a moment of silence, then Fuzz replied, "Sure. Now if you'll excuse me. I have duties to attend to."

Fuzz walked up to Mother Superior, who was walking towards the town hall.

"Mother Superior," Fuzz said "chicken thieves."

"Chicken Thieves?" Mother Superior asked

"Yes. We have chicken thieves."

"Is fowl play suspected?"

" and Sister two stay away from my daughter."

The two laughed as they entered town hall. Annechen turned to find the Baron standing close by.

"He's hiding something." the Baron noted, "Like perhaps the boy may not be able to control it."

Annechen slowly nodded, "I sensed that, too. Perhaps it's because Wolfgang is not born a Lycan. It may be more difficult, but not impossible."

The Baron looked at his vice consul, "He will not be banished to the Wastelands. I have faith in Herr Sheriff."

The Consulate Dormitory, Later That Night

Wolfgang tossed and turned in bed. His body was covered with sweat. He sat straight up, staring around the room. He leapt out of bed, and walked over to the window. He opened it and sniffed the air outside. He then crawled out the window and lept to the ground. He looked around, his eyes slightly glowing red.

"Hunger" he snarled.

Wolfgang ran off, staying in the shadows, heading off towards Harborside.

To Be Continued


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