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Voices Of The Past. Part Three

Seven Years Ago

Steam Sky City

Ignatius Oglebee ran down the corridors, clutching the Cross Of Caledon in his arms. Several feet behind him, a neko wearing a derby and a tall muscular man chased him. Ignatius pulled a pistol from his pocket and fired. Residents quickly ran to their windows to see what the commotion was about. The neko and his companion quickly jumped for the cover of a nearby doorway.

"He's a slippery bugger." the Irish Neko, Malcolm O'Malley noted.

His companion, Captain Jonathon Williamson nodded, "Not to mention armed. He's heading towards the docking bay. We can't let him get away."

"I think the others may not want him to leave so early." Malcolm said smiling, "Party's just getting started."

Ignatius continued running down the corridor, knocking over a couple of ladies, who had the misfortune of walking around the corner. Malcolm and Williamson continued to pursue, but Malcolm stopped to help the ladies.

"Malcolm" Williamson called out, "Let's go."

Ignatius turned another corner and saw two more ladies standing in the corridor. This time, one, Valerie Greene, held a rifle. The other, Lady Amanda Smythe, brandished a sword. Ignatius fired at a nearby pipe, the bullet burst the pipe and steam blew onto the ladies, providing the cover he needed. He then ran to a door that opened to a stairwell and ran down the flight of stairs. The ladies followed.

"I am shoving this rifle where the sun doesn't shine on him." Valerie fumed, "And then, I'm pulling the trigger."

The Duchess of Kensingworth smiled, "A proper lady, even in the heat of battle."

The two were joined by Malcolm and the Captain and they continued their pursuit. They reached the airship dock too late as Ignatius was already in his airship and heading out of Steam Sky City.

"Damn him." Malcolm said "Slippery bugger."

"It's ok." Lady Amanda said, "He's not sailing on to freedom just yet."

Ignatius sneered at the group, then turned his attention back to the front of his airship, to find another airship blocking his exit. Airship pilot Grover Mills smiled, knowing that the adversary was trapped. Ignatius aimed his pistol at Grover, realizing too late that the werewolf had jumped on board his airship. He quickly spun around to fire at the wolf, just as Fuzz backhanded him. Ignatius fell to the ground. The Fuzzwolf stood over Ignatius and growled at him.

"I GIVE UP" Ignatius called out in a frightened voice, as his pants became soiled.

Lady Amanda's Airship

In the study of her airship, Lady Amanda smiled at the group of adventurers she had gathered together to assist her in obtaining the treasures that were stolen.

"The Cross of Caledon is back in the Caledon Museum and the rest of the stolen artifacts are on their way to their proper museums around the world." she said, "And I have each of you to thank for this."

"Twas nothing," Malcolm O'Malley said, "the thrill of the adventure was enough for me. I think I got back those two lives."

"I would gladly do something like that, again." Grover Mills added, "If you require my services again, don't hesitate to ask."

From his chair near the fireplace, Fuzz looked at the group, "What about the secret that those artifacts shared?"

Captain Williamson nodded, "The Sheriff's right. If Ignatius found out....."

"It has been nothing more than myths and legends." Lady Amanda added, "If Professor Parx stated it as being mere poppycock, his exact words, I might add, this may not happen, again. Besides, Ignatius is a madman. He escaped from the sanitarium in Caledon, remember."

"I hope you're right." Fuzz said, he looked over at Valerie sitting across from him, shaking her head. "What?"

"You are such a spoil sport." she said, "All that adventure. That excitement. We won the day. You don't wish to celebrate with us?"

Fuzz shrugged, then looked at the fire in the fireplace.

"How about a private celebration then?" she asked

Fuzz looked back at her, "You are a wicked woman."

"You know me too well."

Seven Years Later
Sheriff's Office, Steelhead City
"He's wanted for spitting in public?" Fuzz asked as he looked at the wanted poster.
"Yes." Sister Alma said
Fuzz looked at the 80 year old nun, "Steelhead's such a dangerous place."

"10 dollar reward." Sister Alma pointed out

"You catch him, you can keep the reward." Fuzz said, "Don't worry, I won't tell Mother Superior."

Fuzz stopped as his hearing started to pick up a faint sound that started to grow louder and louder. His eyes widened and he ran out of the office, out of town hall, and into the street. He looked around, then watched as a grandfather clock appeared out of thin air in the middle of the street. Residents watched the clock appear, and then went on about their business. After all, it was nothing unusual.

Fuzz walked to the grandfather clock and saw Mother Superior walking towards him. He touched the clock and the door swung open, inside the familiar hum of the TARDIS console could be heard.

"Is it your cousin's?" Mother Superior asked

"I'm not sure." Fuzz replied, "He hasn't been seen since he left Koen in Fusang."

Fuzz sniffed the air, and caught a scent that was both familiar and different at the same time. Cautiously, he walked into the TARDIS.

The TARDIS Console Room

Fuzz and Mother Superior walked into the console room and looked around. Fuzz noted the blood trail on the ground and followed it. On the other side of the console, he saw a figure wearing a familiar purple outfit. The figure, however, wasn't familiar. Where as Purdie Uggla, Fuzzball's distant Time Lord cousin, was tall, muscular and youthful in appearance, this figure was of average height, a bit wiry, with a gray beard and middle aged. His gray hair was a bit long, just an inch or two above the shoulders.

"Purdie?!?!" Fuzz whispered

Just as Fuzz went to touch the person, the person sat up so fast that Fuzz and Mother Superior both jumped. The person then got up and looked at the console.

"Right," the person said, "nothing to worry about, Koen, we'll be well on our way."

The person looked around and smiled at Fuzz.

"Fuzz!" He said, "Are you in China?"

"I was." Fuzz whispered

"Sheriff," Mother Superior asked, "who is this?"

"I'm me." the person replied

"He's him." Fuzz said.

"Him who?" Mother Superior asked

"Purdie." the person replied, "Purdanielun Ultarius Ugglandreunder. Or, Purdie Uggla, for short....and for a quite cute play on words, although people tend to think that I'm female with that name, but I can assure you, I am one hundred percent Time Lord male and why are you two taller?"

"You're shorter." Fuzz said, still surprised at his cousin's new look, " redid something."

Purdie looked at Fuzz, then reached into his pocket, pulling out a mirror. He glanced at the reflection in the mirror.

"Oh." Purdie said, "I regenerated."

"REGENERATED!" Fuzz called out, "That's it."

Purdie looked at Fuzz, a serious look on his face, "I left Koen behind on Fusang. We were being fired upon and....."

"Oh, don't worry." Fuzz said, "He's safe. Last I heard, he was in New Babbage, but he keeps teleporting over here to see if you've returned."

"Hotspur was kidnapped, we were going to rescue him....."

Fuzz smiled, "He's safe. He's helping pave a new path for the Celestial Kingdom. Sent us a letter last week."

Purdie smiled, "Splendid. Now, there's one more thing that needs to be done. If you don't mind."

"Of course, Purdie. What is it."

"Catch me"

And with that, Purdie passed out, falling backwards. Quickly, Fuzz ran to his cousin and caught him before he hit the floor. Mother Superior bent down and looked at Purdie.

"What's wrong with him?" Mother Superior asked

Fuzz shook his head, "Not sure. Maybe his regeneration wasn't completed. He travels through time. Maybe from his viewpoint, he was shot two minutes ago. There is a room on this ship. He showed me one day. Said if his body needed help in healing, the room would be able to help."

Fuzz got up and looked at the controls on one side of the console. He flipped a switch, only to be shocked.

"WRONG SWITCH" he yelled. He then flipped another switch, and watched as a pair of bookshelves on the second level dematerialized, revealing a room of white. "That's it. The Zero Room."

Fuzz went to his cousin and he and Mother Superior picked Purdie up. They started to walk to the stairs, when Fuzz noticed the little girl standing the console room doorway.

"Anya." Fuzz said, "What are you doing in here?"

"I smelled you." Anya replied

Fuzz raised an eyebrow and then nodded, "Ok. Stay there. We'll be right back."

Anya nodded as she watched the sheriff and Mother Superior carry Purdie up the stairs and into the room. Once inside the room, they laid his body on the floor.

"Now what?" Mother Superior asked

"We wait," Fuzz replied, "let his body finish the regeneration process, and hope it's soon. I'm going to need his help."

"Why?" the nun asked

"Anya caught my scent." Fuzz explained, "Even though she has the pointed ears, she shouldn't have the heightened senses until sometime before her thirteenth birthday. It's very peculiar."

"Ah..." Mother Superior said, "about her. There are things I do not like about this."

"There are alot of things that I do, have done, will probably wind up doing that you don't approve of. I've gone to Father Gregory each time you give me that look and confessed. So....Valerie and I slept together and not married, Anya was born out of wedlock. I've already confessed to the good priest, knowing you would be upset. To be honest, he's tired of me coming in."

Mother Superior smiled, "It's not that. Miss Greene has yet to tell the child that you are her father. There's the fact of waiting six years before telling you. And I'm very suspicious of her allegedly being scared to tell you after all this time."

"Good" Fuzz said, "I thought it was just me."

"You're playing along to see what she's up to? Well, I do believe that Anastasia is your daughter."

"Yea." Fuzz replied, "That I know for a fact. But the fact that Val's using her. That really bothers me. But, for now. Let's see about getting Anya some goodies from Lady Christine's shop."

The Steelhead Train Station

Angelica stormed out of the train station. Riven Homewood and CeAire DeCosta walked out and watched Angelica walk towards the hotel.

"Miss Greene left Fuzz six years ago." Riven said, "Pretty much breaking his heart. I don't think we should have told his sister, who loves her brother very much, that the woman who broke his heart was in Steelhead."

"Oh?" CeAire asked, "What do you think Angelica's going to do?"

The two looked at each other and smiled, then quickly followed Angelica.

The Steelhead Hotel Lobby

Valerie Green walked down the stairs and looked to see a tall blonde woman walk into the hotel. The woman then walked quickly to Valerie.

"Miss Greene?" the woman asked

"Yes?" Valerie replied

The woman then punched Valerie in the nose.

"My name's Angelica Trescothick." the woman replied, "Fuzzball's sister"

To Be Continued
(A Flashback. A Fight. An Arrest. A Rat. And.....Just For Fun, Tensai)

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