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Voices Of The Past, Part Four

Seven Years Ago

Ortega Residence, Steelhead City

Fuzz walked down the stairs into his parlor, he glanced at the clock, noting that it was 2:15 am. He looked around the room. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the note that she had written. He unfolded it and read the note, again. It only had two words written on it.

I'm sorry.

He crumbled up the note and tossed it into the fireplace. He watched the fire burn the note, after it was completely burned, he walked back upstairs to return to bed.

"Best to be a Lone Wolf." he whispered to himself.

Seven Years Later

Main Street, Steelhead City

Fuzz, Anya, and Mother Superior walked towards town hall. As they reached the entrance, Sister Florence walked towards the sheriff.

"He's much better now." she told him "Both hearts beating. He's breathing normal. At present, he's picking out a new outfit to wear."

Fuzz looked at Mother Superior, who nodded and then walked off with Sister Florence. Fuzz smiled at Anya, and the two headed into town hall.

Inside the sheriff's office, Sister Alma glared at the jail cells. In one cell, Valerie Green leaned against the bars of the cell. In the other cell, Angelica Trescothick sat on a cot, glaring at the wall. On Fuzz's desk, Willard hid behind Fuzz's coffee cup. Normally, the rat would argue about people in his cell, but the look on Angelica's face made him think better of it.

Fuzz walked into the office and looked at Sister Alma and smiled.

"Sister Alma," he said, "Rosehaven Recipe's has a fresh batch of bearclaws. You should head over there and get a couple. I know you love those."

Sister Alma glanced at the jail cells and back at the sheriff. Anya looked, wide eyed at her mother in the one cell.

Fuzz sat behind his desk and looked through the paperwork that had piled up as he continued talking. Willard glanced at the cells, then back at Fuzz.

"Also, Mother Superior isn't too keen on the idea, but I'm thinking of asking the Europan Consulate if I could get a couple of Jager's to help out. They've proven to be very useful. Especially in a big fight. Lunar's been on this big kick about Steelhead's celebration. Soft spoken elf, but man, does he love to party. Oh, and we need to speak to Captain GlitterRoch. I don't want him drinking and piloting his airship over STeelhead." Fuzz looked at the last paper, then looked up at the elderly nun. "Also, Sister Alma, there's one more thing."

"Yes, Sheriff?" Sister Alma asked

Fuzz pointed at the jail cells, "What's my sister doing in jail."

"She was naughty." Sister Alma stated, handing him a piece of paper.

Fuzz read the charges, then looked at Willard, "I was in town and I missed all that." He read the paper, "Fighting, damages to the hotel, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest.....Valerie hit a nun?!?!"

"That was an accident." Valerie stated.

Fuzz looked at Alma, "Which one?"

"Sister Mary Finn." Alma replied

Fuzz shrugged, "I'd hate sounding disrespectful, but she is one ugly nun. Might be an improvement."

Alma shrugged. Fuzz got up and walked to Valerie's cell.

"Are you ok?" he asked in Moldavian.

"Huh?" Valerie replied, "Fuzz.....ask me in French or Italian. No offense, but your native language just isn't romantic enough for me to learn."

Fuzz nodded then looked at his sister, "Didn't Mama teach you better." he asked in Moldavian.

"You did the same thing to guys that hurt me." Angelica replied

Fuzz shook his head, "That was a long time ago. I mean if this was Pinkerton business....."

"oooo" Angelica said, eyes widening, "I am here on business, and it does concern something that involved you and her."

Fuzz looked at Sister Alma and in English, said, "I'll speak with the hotel manager about the damages. Sister Mary Finn will more than likely be ok, and I'm sure Valerie will forgive my overprotective sister."

Valerie shrugged, "Yea, I can."

Sister Alma opened the cell doors and let the two ladies out. Willard hopped off the desk and ran into the cell that Angelica had occupied. Valerie took Anya by the hand and started to walk out, when Purdie walked in with Mother Superior. He was wearing a dark suit with a scarlet tie. He squatted down and looked at Anya.

"Hullo." he said, smiling. "I'm Purdie. I'm the sheriff's cousin.......well....distant cousin.......well.....very distant cousin.....I'm sort of on the outer branches of the family tree. You must be Anya."

Anya nodded.

Purdie reached into his coat and pulled out his sonic screwdriver. "This is my sonic screwdriver. It's a very special tool. Watch." he looked over at Fuzz, "Fuzz, show us your revolver."

Fuzz took his revolver out of his holster. Purdie pointed the sonic device at the revolver. There was a high hum, and the revolver fell to pieces.

"Thanks a lot." Fuzz said, "Not that I needed a gun to keep the peace around here."

Purdie turned his attentiont back to Anya, "And you know the great thing about this device?"

"What?" Anya asked

The hum began again as Purdie waved the sonic screwdriver around Anya, "It doesn't hurt people."

Anya smiled, "Can I have one?"

Purdie shrugged, "Maybe when you're older."

"Come along, Anya." Valerie said to her daughter. "Let's leave Sheriff Ortega to tend to his business."

As the two left, Purdie stood up and walked over to Fuzz and Angelica.

"Angelica." He said, smiling, "Hullo. You're looking lovely as ever. You get that from your mother's side. Time Lord DNA."

"You've changed, Purdie." Angelica noted, also smiling, "I like it."

"DNA?" Fuzz asked

"The genetic makeup of lifeforms." Purdie explained, "Not many people in this time would be very familiar with it. Your local scientists would know."

"Ok, fine, but....this....DNA. Are you able to find out about Anya?" Fuzz asked

"You mean if she's your daughter? You can look at her and tell that."

Fuzz shook his head, "Seems she's developing heightened senses. I want to know if there's going to be a six year old werewolf running around."

"Ah." Purdie said, looking at his sonic screwdriver, "THAT I may be able to find out."

"Good," Fuzz said as he took his sister by the hand, "let's go and find out, and Sissy here can tell us what Pinkerton's up to that somehow involves Valerie and myself."

Steelhead Hotel

From the lobby, Cyrus Slurge looked over at Anya eating in the dining room. Valerie walked over to him.

"Don't look at her like that." she said

"She's not coming with us."

Valerie shook her head, "I'm going to leave her with the Sheriff. I've also managed to speak with Angus GlitterRoch. He'll get us to Caledon, and since I'm friends with the Sheriff, we got an extremely cheap price. We can leave as soon as you're ready."

"Good." Cyrus said, "And after we've become successful?"

"I won't be coming back to Steelhead, that's for sure." Valerie replied

Purdie's TARDIS

"Then," Angelica explained, "before I.....introduced myself to Ms. Greene, I recieved a telegram from headquarters. The Belt of Lady Chasity was stolen. That only leaves......"

"The Caledon Cross." Fuzz finished, "That's bad news."

Purdie studied the readings on his viewer, then glanced up at Fuzz, "Very.....bad."

"How?" Angelica asked, "Pinkerton's never figured that one out. I mean, they're just artifacts. What's so special about them?"

"The Molet Chalice has a large ruby on one side," Fuzz explained, "The Dagger of Anubis has a large emerald on the hilt. The Crown of Cornelius has a large pearl on the top. The Belt of Lady Chasity has an amethyst on it's buckle. The Golden Tock Lobster has two amber eyes. One of those eyes is slightly brighter than the other. The Cross of Caledon has a large diamond. The artifacts are nothing. Those gemstones...well....together, they unleash a great power."

"How great?" Angelica asked

Purdie looked at Angelica, "These ancient mucky mucks from way back seperated a great power and place bits and pieces into those gemstones. Bloodwing was after that power. This was during a time that he was,......less than cooperative."

"They placed the power into these gemstones," Fuzz continued, "and created these arifacts, placing a gemstone on each artifact. They managed to hide it from Bloodwing. When Bloodwing had possessed Darien, Darien's personality had softened Bloodwing, others had found out about this legend, and attempted to release that power for their own greedy purposes."

Purdie nodded, "But there's a problem. The power is not something that would make you wealthy or all powerful. It's a power of destruction."

Angelica nodded, "I have to get to Caledon. But first, what about Anya?"

"Simple," Purdie said, smiling, "Time Lords rule."

"We were descended from a Time Lord," Fuzz said " we count, right?"

Purdie nodded, "Basically, her heightened senses were awakened early. According to the info, she'll be ready for her transformation at age 13. You don't have to worry about a six year old werewolf running around Steelhead."

"Other than you, Fuzz." Angelica said, "I mean, you do act like a six year old, sometimes."

"I'm tellin'." Fuzz said as he walked out of the TARDIS.

"Like Mama's gonna listen to you." Angelica said

Outside The TARDIS

Fuzz walked out to find Mother Superior standing there, waiting for him. Angelica and Purdie walked out and looked at the nun. She was holding a note.

"Sheriff," Mother Superior said, "we have a problem."

Sheriff's Office

Tensai sat on the bench, holding a sobbing Anya. The look on Tensai's face was one of wanting to blow an unloving mother to smithereens. Lunar scowled and looked at Fuzz who was reading the note, then tossing it into his stove.

"She has 'business'," Fuzz told Angelica "Wants me to take care of Anya."

Tensai looked at Fuzz, "I am going to kick her ass....."

"Tensai," Lunar scolded, pointing at Anya.

"KICK HER ASS," Tensai continued, "for leaving her daughter behind."

Fuzz shook his head, "I'll talk to her when she returns..."

"She's not coming back," Anya sobbed

Fuzz knelt down in front of the bench and looked at Anya, "She is."

Anya shook her head, "I heard her tell that Cyrus guy. She doesn't want me."

"You heard her tell this Cyrus the same way that you smelled me?" Fuzz asked

Anya nodded, then looked at Fuzz, "Sheriff Ortega.....will you take care of me?"

Fuzz fell back onto the floor, surprised of the question coming from the little girl's mouth. Angelica smiled, while fighting back a tear, as did others in the room. Fuzz looked over at Mother Superior.

"Let's find out who this Cyrus guy is. Check the hotel, check the train station. Check anywhere he might have gone to." he then looked at the little girl, "A lycan has heightened senses, but a lycan also has a sharp memory. Tell me everything that you heard your mother and this guy talk about."

"Like the robster?" Anya asked

"Lobster." Angelica whispered

The Lady Dushku, Twenty Miles off the coast of Steelhead City

"Ach, she's a cutie, that little girl of yours." Angus told Valerie "Ye should be proud."

"Thank you, Captain" Valerie replied.

She walked over to Cyrus, who had a worried look on his face.

"You shouldn't have left her like that." Cyrus whispered, "He'll get suspicious and follow."

Valerie looked around the ship, then whispered, "Do you have the silver bullets?"

Cyrus nodded.

"Good. If he follows, use them." She reached into her purse and pulled out a dagger, "And I have something for his sister, should she try anything."

To Be Continued
(As we head to our finale. There's a gunfight. There's a death. And an ending that will probably bring a tear to your eye)

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