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Voices Of The Past, Part Five

Four Years Ago

Chicago, Illinois

Valerie walked into the room and found the two year old sitting on the floor, looking at the cover of a dime novel. She knelt down next to her daughter and looked at the novel.

"What have you got?" she asked, then smiled as she read the title "Ah, 'Sheriff Ortega In Griefer Flats'. Do you know who Sheriff Ortega is?"

Anya nodded and pointed at the picture of the cowboy in the gray suit on the cover.

Valerie smiled, "He's also your dad. Maybe one day, you'll meet him."

She got up and walked over to her desk. On the desk was an old book entitled "The Power Of Anthlar" in gold letters. She opened to book and continued reading, then noticed her daughter standing next to her, handing her the dime novel.

"Read" Anya said

"Not now, sweetheart, Mommy's got work to do." Valerie said.

"Read" Anya said.

Valerie sighed, then picked up her daughter. She opened the book and started reading.

"'Sheriff Ortega walked out of his home on the bright Monday morning and smiled at the townsfolk that walked by'," she looked at Anya, "I think this is clearly a work of fiction."

Four Years Later

Purdie's TARDIS

Fuzz looked at the gemstones that were on the table in Purdie's console room, then looked up at his Time Lord cousin.

"Oregon Sunstones?" Fuzz asked, picking one up

Purdie nodded, "Lunar and Tensai discovered a powerful energy source when they unearthed those stones. I was able to recharge the TARDIS when her energy went low. One more thing for Steelhead City to be famous for. It's in abundance there."

Angelica looked over the console controls, then looked at Purdie, "Are you sure this is in perfect working condition? I've noticed a bullet hole."

Purdie nodded, "Yes, yes. She's quite alright. I can get us to the Lady Dushku."

The TARDIS engines slowly stopped and there was a ding sound. Purdie went to the viewscreen side of the console and turned it on, pointing at the image of the airship known as The Lady Dushku."

"There, you see?" Purdie said, "There she is."

Fuzz looked at the image. Noting that the airship was docked and not flying. He looked at Purdie.

"We're at Port Caledon." he said

"WHAT?" Purdie said as he started flipping switches on the console.

"WHAT?" he said again, as he looked at the viewscreen, again.

"what..." he finally said as he looked at the readings on the viewscreen.

Angelica looked over his shoulder and read the readings, then looked at her brother, "We arrived two days after we left Steelhead."

Fuzz nodded, "Takes a couple of days by airship to get to Caledon from Steelhead. Maybe we're not too late."

Purdie pulled the lever to open the doors and the three stepped out of the TARDIS and onto the streets of Caledon. Angus GlitterRoch walked up to the trio, smiling. His first mate, Mr. Sideman, followed

"Fuzz," the green haired scottsman said, "If'n ya wanted to come to Caledon, ye could've come with Miss Greene and her friend onboard the Dushku."

Fuzz looked at his old friend, "Angus, where are they?"

Angus shrugged, "Dunno. They took off after we docked a couple of hours ago. Told us they'd be returnin' to Steelhead by other means and that we shouldn't wait up for them."

Mr. Sideman raised his hand and spoke up, "I told the Captain that they were acting suspicious."

Angus glared at his first mate, "And I said that ye were always thinking people were up to no good." He turned back to Fuzz, "So, Fuzz, why are ye here?"

"Valerie and her friend are up to no good." Fuzz replied, "Angus, have your crew take Purdie's box here on board. We'll be going back to Steelhead with you."

"Aye, Fuzz" Angus said.

As Fuzz, Angelica and Purdie ran off, Angus looked at his first mate, who was smiling. "All were right. In celebration, ye can get Mr. Uggla's box on board."

Sideman's smile quickly disappeared.

Up The Street From The Docks

As Fuzz, Angelica, and Purdie rushed down the street, Fuzz explained about the Cross Of Caledon.

"After we retrieved it from Ignatius Oglebee, it was given to Governor Shang, who then gave it to JJ Drinkwater, who placed it in a special exhibit at the Caledon Library."

Angelica looked up the street, "We're not going to get there very fast on foot."

Fuzz stopped and put two fingers to his mouth and let out a loud whistle. A horse drawn carriage came galloping towards the trio and stopped.

"Need a cab, guv?" the driver said

"Caledon Library." Fuzz said as they got into the cab.

"It's closed, today." the driver noted, "It's Sunday."

Fuzz nodded, "Figured that. Please take us there, and make it fast."

Outside the Caledon Library

Fuzz, Angelica and Purdie walked up to the library, trying to see past the crowd of people that gathered outside. Fuzz shook his head.

"Too late." he said

Angelica reached into her purse and pulled out her badge, "We may as well get ourselves inside. Purdie, got your psychic paper?"

Purdie smiled as he pulled out the paper, "Absolutely."

Fuzz nodded, then looked around, "You two go ahead and see what you can find out. I'll do some sniffing out here."

Angelica smiled, "No heroics."

Fuzz walked around the grounds as Angelica and Purdie made their way through the crowds and into the library. Fuzz then caught a whiff of a familiar scent and followed it. He walked across the street, and around a corner. He then walked into an alleyway between two stores. He slowly made his way down the alley. It was then that the familiar scent was gone, and the scent of wolfsbane hit his nose. He started to turn to leave quickly, but something hard hit him in the backof the head and he fell to the ground. Then everything went black.......

Somewhere In Caledon Underground

At one time, Fuzz had explored some of Caledon Underground. As he came to, the familiar smell and sounds of the underground area hit his senses, however, the scent of wolfsbane was still strong, and interferring with his senses. Other than the damp smell, he had no idea if he was alone. At first, his vision was blurred, but it quickly passed. He looked down to see that he was tied to a post with a silver like rope. He glanced up to see Sid Weezul sitting several feet away from him, nervously looking at him.

"How did you get out of prison, Sid?" Fuzz asked

Sid shrugged, "Wasn't guarded by nuns."

Fuzz shook his head, "Valerie hired you to help her? Thought she was way smarter than that."

"Actually," a male voice from the shadows said, "I hired Sid."

A man stepped out of the shadows and smiled at the sheriff, "So, you are the famous Sheriff Ortega? You wouldn't believe all the stories that are out about you. You, TotalLunar Eclipse, Tensai Hilra, and Kattryn Severine. Seeing as how you were this easy to capture, makes one think how easy it would be to defeat those other three."

Fuzz smirked, "Yea, word of advice, go after Tensai Hilra first. She's a real pushover. You must be Cyrus Slurge."

Cyrus bowed to Fuzz. "At your service."

Fuzz tried to break through the ropes, but the more he struggled, the tighter the rope got.

"I wouldn't bother," Cyrus said, "that rope is made from Mithril. Word has it the werewolves in the city of New Babbage have been kept at bay with that. It should hold you quite nicely."

Fuzz looked as Valerie Greene stepped out of the shadows. She looked at him and shook her head in disappointment.

"I should have known you'd follow." she said "And I almost hate to have you killed. Would have been so much better if you just stayed in Steelhead with Anya."

"Why are you doing this?" Fuzz asked

Valerie laughed, "Oh, come on. You want me to gloat over you, explaining our plan?"

"I know the plan," Fuzz said, "Use the gems, conduct the spell, obtain the power. But why? You'd leave your own daughter for this? You couldn't just settle down?"

Valerie slowly shook her head in disappointment, "Demetrius, you just don't understand, do you? You were just there to wet my appetite. Nothing more. And Anya.....She was an accident."

Fuzz narrowed his eyes as he stared at her, "So, you just played the happy little mother while you studied about the power?"

Cyrus looked at Valerie, "He is smart. I suppose, he's expecting to be rescued?"

Valerie smiled, then looked at Weezul. "SID!"

Sid jumped out of his chair and ran into the shadows. Fuzz heard the click of a switch, and the whole cavern lit up. In the center of the room, each gem from the stolen artifact was on the ground, in the middle of a circle. Around the circle, ancient text was written. Across the room, tied up to posts, were Angelica and Purdie.

"Hi Fuzz." Purdie called out. "Ummmm...they jumped us"

Fuzz smiled, then looked at Valerie, "Well, you beat us."

Valeried curtsied, "Always know your enemy."

Cyrus handed Valerie the dagger, "You know what to do."

Valerie nodded as she took the dagger. Cyrus and Sid walked over to Angelica and untied her from the post. With her hand still bound, she was taken to the center of the circle. Valerie walked over to Angelica. Fuzz screamed in anger. He began trying to break free, again.

Purdie watched as Valerie started to raise the dagger, then called out, "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Don't ignore me, either. I'm serious. What you want to achieve will not be accomplished by killing Angelica."

Valerie lowered the dagger, then glared at the Time Lord, "Tell me why?"

"What did the Power of Anthlar book tell you?" Purdie asked, "Obviously, you read the book, or else you wouldn't know about the power."

"A sacrifice in blood is needed in order to finish the ritual." Cyrus replied, he then turned to Sid, "Silence him."

"Human sacrifice," Purdie said, as Sid moved closer to Purdie. Just before Sid gagged Purdie's mouth, Purdie manage to say, "Angelica's not human."

"What?" Valerie asked, looking at Angelica

Angelica smiled, "Well.....obviously, even though I'm not a Lycan, I do have the blood running through me. I mean, I wouldn't be Fuzzball's sister if I didn't. That's on our Papa's side. On our mother's side, Time Lord. I mean, sure, there's some human bits and pieces floating inside me, but I'm not a full human. Oh.....and one more thing?"

"WHAT?" Valerie snapped

Angelica smiled, holding up her hands, showing that they were no longer tied together, "It's time for round two."

Angelica punched the surprised Valerie Greene, who dropped the dagger to the ground. Valerie tried to defend herself, but the sheriff's sister was too fast for her. Angelica hit Valerie with an uppercut, then a left hook, followed by a right cross. She then grabbed Valerie's arm and slung her across the cavern. Angelica was not expecting Cyrus to be standing nearby, as Valerie fell towards him, nor was anyone expecting Cyrus to lunge the dagger into Valerie as he caught her.

"Blood sacrifice," Cyrus said, grinning evilly to the shocked Valerie, "Human."

Angelica started to run towards Cyrus, only to be stopped by Sid Weezul, who had a gun pointed at the Pinkerton agent. She watched as Valerie fell to the ground. Cyrus held the blood soaked dagger over the gemstones in the circle. The blood dripped off the dagger and onto the stones. Suddenly, the gems started to glow and there was a rumbling. It was then that Fuzz, still in human form, managed to muster all his Lycan strength, and break the mithril rope. He fell to his knees. Looking at the power starting to emerge from the gems, he reached into his pocket. Pulling out the Oregon Sunstone, he tossed it onto the pile of other gemstones.

"NOOOOO" Cyrus called out

The Oregon Sunstone started to glow a bright orange. There was a bright flash, and then all was quiet.

"Never.......underestimate Steelhead...." Fuzz said. He looked over at Sid, "Sid......don't point that my sister."

Sid smiled, "You're probably too weak to stop me from pulling the trigger."

Sid turned back to Angelica, who quickly punched Sid. Sid fell to the ground. Angelica picked up the gun and looked around. Cyrus had disappeared during the commotion. As she untied Purdie, Fuzz walked over to the lifeless body of Valerie Greene.

Purdie took the gag out of his mouth then looked at Fuzz, "How did you know the Oregon Sunstone would do that."

Without taking his eyes off Valerie, Fuzz replied, "I didn't......I don't even know what happened."

"Absorbed the energy." Purdie said, as he picked up the sunstone, "This universe is an amazing place. The power that these people tried to obtain, is now locked in this sunstone."

"How were they going to obtain it?" Angelica asked.

"Step into the circle," Fuzz said looking at her, "power gets absorbed into you. You become all powerful."

Angelica pointed at the Sunstone, "And what do we do with that?"

"New Gallifrey" Purdie replied, referring to the new homeworld of the Time Lords, "It'll be safe there."

Fuzz walked over to where his holster and gun was placed and put the holster on, "You two get Sid tied up and get the gems back on those artifacts."

"You able to hunt down Cyrus with no problem?" Angelica asked

Fuzz's reply was a smile and a wink.

Port Caledon

Cyrus hurried down the street, trying to find a quick way out of Caleon. He came up to a crowded marketplace. He smiled, thinking that he would be safe, lost in the crowd. Suddenly, the crowd ran to the sides of the street, revealing Steelhead's sheriff standing at the other end. Cyrus opened his jacket, revealing his holster and revolver. He smiled, knowing that the gun was loaded with silver bullets. He was getting more confident as he watched Fuzz's hand shake.

Thirty seconds went by. To many, it seemed longer. The two stared at each other, each waiting for the other to draw. Then, Cyrus reached for his gun. There was a shot. Cyrus fell to his knees, clutching his shoulder. He watched as Fuzz placed the gun back into the holster and turned to walk away. Cyrus aimed the gun at Fuzz. The whiskey bottle to the back of his head was the last thing that he remembered. Angus stood over the unconcious body.

"Ye don't go shootin' people in the back of the head," he said, "it tain't fair."


Sid was sitting in the paddy wagon, waiting to be taken back to prison. The Caledon constables then placed the injured Cyrus into the wagon with Sid. His head was bandaged and his arm was in a sling. Fuzz, Angelica and Purdie stood nearby and watched as the horses pulled the paddy wagon away.

"Well," Purdie said, "I wish that the TARDIS was working. Might have been able to stop all this sooner."

"What's done is done." Angelica said, "Things are meant to happen a certain way. Even if we don't like a particular way."

Fuzz rubbed his chin, "Next time I'm in Caledon......."

"What?" Angelica asked

Fuzz looked at his sister, "Lycaon."

Caledon Regency Hospital

Fuzz walked into the room. The old wolf was still in the bed. The other wolves that stood by his side had already walked outside. The time was close.

Lycaon looked up at Fuzz, "Your yet.......happy."

Fuzz knelt down in front of the old king, "It has been broken. And yet, someone special has entered my life. One who can mend that wound."

" you........and the protect......."

Fuzz looked at Lycaon, "What you wished to speak to me has nothing to do with me finding out I had a daughter."

Lycaon looked into Fuzz's eyes, "I done.......many wonderful........things.........earned.........great respect......."

"So I've been told." Fuzz whispered

"Your what.......makes you......well.....respected. But know this......Fenris' Bane.......'The Darkness Is Coming'........"

And with that, Lycaon, the king of long ago, who fathered the Lycans into being, closed his eyes and breathed his last breath. As the wolves outside, and in the forests of Caledon howled to mourn his passing. Fuzz bowed his head and said a prayer.

Steelhead Town Hall. A Few Days Later

Angelica explained to Lunar and Katt about the events of the robberies and how it was thwarted.

"So, the artifacts are being returned to their rightful place, and the Sunstone that absorbed the power is now on New Gallifrey. Purdie believes that now the gems on the artifacts are just that, gems to make the artifacts look pretty."

Katt nodded, "And their only purpose is for viewing. Very nice. And what of Lycaon's message to Fuzz?"

"Yes." Lunar said, "'the Darkness Is Coming'. What does that mean?"

Angelica shrugged, "I wish I knew. Somehow, it's tied into Fuzz's tribal name. I have no idea what it means. We could ask Fuzz or any Lycans....but they won't say. Which worries me."

"Aye," the Moon Elf said "If Fuzz won't say anything to you, nor will he say anything to is something very troubling."

"What I don't understand," Katt continued, "why she kept Anya, if she didn't wish to be a mother?"

"Orphanages will not take in Lycans," Angelica explained, "they're not equipped to deal with a Lycan once they reach the age of thirteen. And Lycan tribes do not take kindly to parents abandoning their young. They'd hunt Valerie down. Fuzz believes she put on the facade of the good mother while she studied about the ritual necessary to obtain that power. She drops Anya off here in Steelhead, then leaves. I guess she figured that once the power was in her grasp, we couldn't touch her."

"Never underestimate the power of Steelhead." Katt said, smiling.

The three looked to see Tensai standing at the entrance to Fuzz's office. They stood with her and looked in to see Fuzz talking with Anya as she prepared for her first day of school.

"Annechen Lowey, as I have been told," Fuzz said, "is an excellant teacher. You know, one of the nuns used to double as a school teacher, but they all wanted to be deputies, so when the consulate came to Steelhead...well......I'm boring you, aren't I?"

Anya smiled at Fuzz. Fuzz smiled back.

"Listen," Fuzz said as he sat down in front of her, "I don't know why people become greedy. Why they only care about themselves, and not those that should be important to their lives. But, I want you to remember, not everyone is like that. There are a lot of good people in this world."

Anya looked down at the ground, then looked at Fuzz.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked

"Sure, ask away."

"Are you my father?"

"Yes." Fuzz whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Anya got up and sat in Fuzzball's lap and the two hugged each other. Lunar looked at Tensai who was wiping her eyes.

"Tensai," Lunar asked, "what's wrong?"

"I've got something in my eye." Tensai sobbed.

Caledon Regency Hospital

Professor Treloar Parx's wheelchair chugged down the corridors of the hospital. He entered into the room that he had entered several days earlier and looked at the doctor.

"How is he?" Parx asked, referring to the patient in the room.

"He's awake," the doctor said, "and quite well. However, as the matron told you, there is that one.....situation."

Parx's chair rolled closer to the bed. Parx looked at the patient.

"Hello." Parx said, "Do you remember me?"

"No." the patient replied, "Should I?"

"Yes, you should. We have known each other for some time." Parx said, "You have no memory of anything?"

The patient picked up a mirror that was on his bedside table and looked at it. The reflection of Jobias Barthelmess stared back.

"I have no idea who I am." was the reply

The End
(Up next: Wolfgang)

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